Sheriff Court Services

The Los Angeles Sheriff Office along with any other county like San Diego, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Orange County Sheriff Office all have a civil section to perform civil task like serving documents, levying bank accounts, placing keepers, move out keeper, garnishing wages and etc.

The Sheriff office also performs the same task that a attorney service can with regards to serving lawsuits and legal documents like subpoenas.

When it comes to doing bank levies, placing a keeper, wage garnishments, or a move out keeper, the Sheriff needs three things: a writ of execution (a court order giving them the right to execute on someone), instructions, and the requisite sheriff fees for the task at hand. Once those elements are satisfied, the Sheriff will personally served the bank levy instruction on the bank or business for a wage garnishment. They will personally appear at the location for a keeper or a move out keeper.

With a 8 hour keeper, they will place an off duty officer at a business. If a retail business is involved they will literally stand next to the cashier and take all monies coming into the business. With a move out keeper, they will come with a moving company and allow the moving company to seize all the assets of a location.