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Writ of Execution

In today discussion we are going to talk about what you can do with a writ of execution and how you get one from a debt collectors stand point.

To get a writ of execution from the court (which cost $25) you first need to win you case and get a judgment against someone or company. Once you are awarded a judgment, you can file for a Writ of Execution from the court against the person or entity that you have a judgment against. The Writ should be sought from the same court that awarded you your judgment.

The writs work in counties. So you need to do some research and figure out where you want to use your writ. So say your debtor has a bank account in Santa Monica, you will need to get a writ for Los Angeles county since Santa Monica is within the county of Los Angeles.

From a collectors perspective, having a writ of execution allows to levy against bank accounts, place a sheriff to obtain cash, or property.

A writ of execution is a court order granting you an attempt to satisfy a money judgment against someone.